Bilal Haqjow: The Best Real Estate Broker In Turkey

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Bilal Haqjow How did he succeed in his work?

  • Opening one of the most important and largest real estate investment companies in Turkey
  • How he is served more than 1200 foreign investors inside and outside Turkey?
Bilal Haqjow CEO & Founder Of GATEWAY REAL ESTATE
Bilal Haqjow CEO & Founder Of GATEWAY REAL ESTATE

Bilal Haqjow started working in Istanbul City and opened his brand new company Gateway Citizenship

to sell real estate and services to obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment or purchase in 2009.

Where at least $1 million should have been invested, is the basic condition for a person to acquire Turkish citizenship.

After the promulgation of the new Nationality Law in 2018, the amount was reduced to $250,000 and the investor

his wife and their children under 18 years of age also obtain Turkish citizenship.

Here was the point of departure for Haqjow by studying the law on nationality well and understanding the mechanism of employment

to provide a service completely free of any problems and has provided his services for

What distinguishes him from others are the offers that he own in his company and which are always in profits exceeding 8% for his investors.

And here, his name started spreading between those looking for real secure investment.

Throughout meeting with him, we have had some discussions about how to invest and what ways and conditions are, and these are the most important features.

He answered:

  • The first condition for acquiring Turkish citizenship is through the purchase of real or several real estate worth 250,000 dollars.
  • And if the investor’s person doesn’t have any criminal record
  • All personal papers of the investor and his family (whether married) would be ready.
  • We will open a bank account for it and leave the rest of the work of our private lawyers to start the procedure, and the acquisition of Turkish citizenship usually takes between two and six months.

Why is investment in Turkey?

  • He Answered : The Turkish market is a pretty strong market and special in purchasing real estate.
  • And that many investors come from the countries of Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

What kinds of real estate can I invest in?

  • There are, of course, a lot, for example: apartments, hotels, shops.

Is there any services after purchasing?

  • Of course, also we offer all the investor’s needs to find a tenant for the property if he likes to invest his real estate or to furnishing the property of his own, much as the investor would need.

You Can Reach Him On Whatsapp +905055095551

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