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The Millionaire Of Harvard University Co-Programmer Student Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg became rapidly known as the Harvard University computer programmer, and by his second year, he had already built two web programmes and both programmes had great popularity.

The first programme was called “Corrus Mach” where students could share their expertise in the subjects they studied so that they could participate with new students who were seeking to learn which subjects they needed to study and could choose between them according to the available database.

The second programme, called Vesmash, in which Zuckerberg broke through the University’s databases, obtained photographs of most of the female students at the university and offered them to vote among students to choose the best and bigger on the basis of the image. The site continued to work for one week before Harvard University stopped it for ethical considerations and used Because of the recent program, Zuckerberg’s reputation at the university, especially among the girls, has greatly worsened, but he tried to compensate it later by creating Facebook.

The turning point in Mark Zuckerberg was his interview with Shun Parker, who launched the former Napster music program and who was also exposed to his bankruptcy after a huge fine was paid to music companies who prosecuted him for illegally publishing her songs. Shun Parker had a large network of relationships, as it was previously through the Napster programme. He was able to expand Facebook to all inhabited continents of the world. He also arranged Facebook finance tours through which he obtained large funds ranging from $1 million to $12 million for Facebook investment. Shan Parker also contributed to one of the largest

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg’s relationship with his ex-friend Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook, who funded the site from the start as a result of mutual hatred between Saverin and Sean Parker, Zuckerberg deceived Eduardo Saverin by pushing him to sign a share distribution agreement in the new company, which reduced the number of his shares from 30% of the site fell to less than 0.5%, which also prompted Saverin to sue him later, and he got a huge fine of $ 500 million and a fair portion of Facebook shares.


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